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Melissa Mom & Me

Yael and Melissa, an Israeli and an American, met while working as strippers in Japan. Tottering on high heels and sporting bunny ears, Yael filmed their coke-fuelled backstage antics. Then one day, during the filming, Melissa revealed the story of her abusive father, the story of her 3 abounded kids, and mostly, her feelings of being lost in the world… Once Yael returned to Israel, she married, and became a respected photographer. Melissa disappeared. 7 years later, Yael decides to travel to the USA and find the beautiful, enigmatic Melissa. The heart of this film is the powerful reunion of two courageous, sincere women, whose lives have taken dramatically divergent paths.

A film by Yael Shachar and Limor Pinhasov

Documentary | Video | 52 Minutes | Color | Hebrew and English, English subtitles

Director: Limor Pinhasov
Screenplay: Limor Pinhasov
Cinematography: Yael Shachar, Emmanuelle Mayer
Still photography: Yael Shachar
Picture Editing: Limor Pinhasov
Music: Ophir Leibovitch
Production: Yaron Kaftori, Limor Pinhasov
Source: Cicero films
Broadcasters and Funds: Channel 8 – Noga Communications, The Rabinovich Foundation – Cinema Project
Film distributor - Dogwoof

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